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​Classification of power adapters

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The power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances, generally consisting of components such as housing, transformer, inductor, capacitor, control IC and PCB board. A power adapter works by converting AC input to DC output. Next, let's introduce the classification of power adapters.

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Classification of power adapters

How to maintain your power adapter?

Classification of power adapters

Classification by modulation method

1. Pulse width modulation type switching power adapter. Oscillation frequency remains unchanged, by changing the pulse width to change and adjust the size of the power adapter output voltage, sometimes through the sampling circuit, coupling circuit, etc. To form a feedback closed-loop circuit to stabilize the amplitude of the output voltage.

2. Frequency modulation type switching power adapter. The duty cycle remains the same, by changing the oscillation frequency of the oscillator to adjust and stabilize the amplitude of the output voltage of the power adapter.

3. Hybrid modulated switching power adapter. By adjusting the on-time oscillation frequency to complete the adjustment and stabilization of the amplitude of the power adapter output voltage.

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Classification by excitation method

1. His Excitation Switching Regulator Power adapter. The circuit is equipped with an oscillator to excite the signal.

2. Self-excited switching regulator power adapter. The switching tube doubles as an oscillator in the oscillator.

Classification by circuit structure

1. Bulk type switching power adapter. The entire switching power adapter circuit is composed of discrete components, its structure is more complex and less reliable.

2. Integrated circuit type switching power adapter. The entire switching power adapter circuit or part of the circuit is composed of integrated circuits, such integrated circuits are usually thick film circuits. This type of switching power adapter is characterized by simple circuit structure, easy debugging, and high reliability.

How to maintain your power adapter?

1. Protect against potent chemicals. Do not use potent chemicals, cleaning agents, or strong detergents to clear the power adapter. Remove the power adapter appearance stains that can be cotton with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol scrubbing.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof. As electronic products, accidental water or long exposure to humid air when not in use will cause varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation of the electronic components inside the power adapter.

3. Drop and shockproof. The power adapter is a fragile part, the internal components cannot withstand a fall.

4. Protect against cold and heat. Do not put the power adapter in a place where the temperature is too high. High temperatures can shorten the life of the power adapter and deform or melt some of the plastic parts. Do not store the power adapter in an excessively cold place either. When the power adapter is working in an excessively cold environment, the internal temperature rises, and moisture will form inside the power adapter, destroying the circuit board.

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