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​How to clean the power adapter?

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As an electronic product, if a power adapter is accidentally exposed to water or not used for a long time and exposed to humidity, it will cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to the internal electronic components of the power adapter. Let us introduce how to clean and maintain the power adapter.

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How to clean the power adapter?

Different types of power adapters

How to clean the power adapter?

1.Avoiding a humid environment

The use of the power adapter should be careful to avoid a humid environment. The role of the Power adapter is to transform the 220 volt DC power of household electricity into DC power, so remember not to put the power adapter in a humid environment for use. Whether the power adapter is placed on the table or the ground, you need to pay attention not to place water cups or wet things around it to avoid water damage to the power adapter.

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2. Pay attention to heat dissipation in a hot environment

In a high room temperature environment, we can put the power adapter on its side for better heat dissipation. As the adapter, itself works in a process of more heat dissipation, so if the room temperature is high, then it is very unfavorable for the maintenance of the power adapter. The power adapter cannot be used for too long at high temperatures. If you need to use it for a long time, you need to pay attention to the heat dissipation of the power adapter, at this time you can use a fan for auxiliary convection cooling, or you can also pad the narrower plastic block or metal block between the power adapter and the desktop to increase the air convection speed around the power adapter to speed up the heat dissipation of the power adapter.

3. Use a matching model of power adapter

If the original power adapter of your laptop is damaged, you should buy and use the original manufacturer's model matching product. If you use a cottage power adapter, prolonged use will pose a greater risk to the power adapter, even resulting in short circuits, burnouts, and other dangers.

4. Often wipe and clean dust

power adapters need to be cleaned and dusted regularly and should be held gently to prevent them from breaking down. A power adapter is an electrical appliance that generates a lot of heat of its own and requires good heat dissipation. However, many power adapters do not dissipate heat well due to their design. Therefore, when using the power adapter daily, you should always wipe its exterior with a dry soft cloth or paper towel to prevent dust from entering the crevices and reducing the power adapter's heat dissipation performance.

Different types of power adapters

According to the connection method classification: can be divided into desktop power adapter and plug-in wall power adapter.

According to the type of output current classification: can be divided into AC output power adapter and DC output adapter.

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