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What is the use of DC-DC converters in automotive appliances?

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DC-DC converters are popular and widely used. In the use of automotive appliances, DC-DC converters have a unique role and advantageous development. In this article, we will discuss how DC-DC converters are used in automotive appliances and how to calculate the power of DC-DC converters.

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1.What is the use of DC-DC converters in automotive appliances?

2.How to estimate the power of DC-DC converters that supply power to in-vehicle appliances?

DC-DC converters

What is the use of DC-DC converter in in-vehicle electrical appliances?

The DC-DC converter is a device that converts the high voltage of the power battery pack into a constant 12V, 14V, 24V low voltage, which can supply power to the whole vehicle appliances and charge the auxiliary battery. DC-DC converter in a pure electric vehicle is equivalent to the function of generator and regulator in a traditional fuel car.

The DC-DC converter, which supplies power to the onboard electrical, DCDC is located in the electric vehicle electrical system. Its electrical power comes from the power pack and goes to power the onboard electrical appliances. As a very important part of the electric vehicle power system, one of its important functions is to provide the power needed for the power steering system, air conditioning, and other auxiliary equipment. The other type, which is found in the composite power system, is connected in series with super capacitors to regulate the power output and stabilize the bus voltage.

How to estimate the power of the DC-DC converter that supplies power to the vehicle gas?

Each power-using device has its rated voltage and rated current for operation. If the power-using devices in electric vehicles are often operated in non-rated condition, it will greatly reduce the power conversion efficiency, and the lifetime will be damaged or even lead to equipment damage. Therefore, the specifications of DC-DC match the needs of the system in which it is located to function better. The general selection idea is not to directly add all the electrical power together, because they may not all work at the same time. Therefore, to estimate the power of the DC-DC converter that supplies gas to the vehicle, it is necessary to know the specifications of the DC-DC converter that matches the needs of the vehicle power supply system, so that you can judge the power of the DC-DC converter that supplies gas to the vehicle.

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